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University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy - Keller Center

ILFI's materials petal seeks to eliminate the use of worst in-class materials and chemicals with the greatest impact to human and ecosystem health. In a move that is working to transform the industry one product and manufacturer at a time, a Grace fireproofing product was vetted for the Keller Center. During this process it was discovered that a halogenated flame-retardant present in their product was not necessary. The chemical was removed from their national line and will be red list compliant moving forward. The Keller Center looks to be a model of sustainability for the University of Chicago as well as the City of Chicago, pushing the industry forward and sourcing materials and services locally. Given that the project is also a renovation, many materials are salvaged for reuse either in the building or donated to local salvage companies to extend their lifetime. Photo Courtesy of Farr Associates
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