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Lobbies may just be the most important aspect of hotel interior design. They are now so much more than just a place to wait. Lobbies are the first and most important impression guests will receive of your hotel. Lobbies are the social hub, extended office space, and quite actually, the center stage of your structure. Integrate cafes, bars, wifi, workstations, diverse seating, and plenty of plug-ins. Of all the design ideas  out there for your hospitality design project, this may be the most important, because- we’ll say it again-, first impressions matter. 

Blurring the lines between the outdoors and the hotel interior is one of top trends in hospitality design. Using natural design elements, guests are given an in-house outlet to connect with nature. All-season terraces, luscious vegetation, indoor waterfalls, floor-to-ceiling windows supplying endless amounts of natural light, and green walls are all not only beautiful design pieces but also assist in creating a natural and calming ambiance. 

So many hotels are becoming a destination for long-term stays. Guests are looking for more residential-style rooms to replace the cozy home they left behind. The days of all matching furniture and accent walls are long gone. Unexpected textiles, personalizable room layout, and an overall comfy and relaxed feel are becoming increasingly popular in hospitality design. Creating a warm and welcoming space rather than an uncomfortable and cookie-cutter type room will keep the guests coming back for their next extended stay time and time again.

Physical and mental wellness is now valued as a luxury, so the more you can incorporate it into your hospitality design, the better. Rather than valet parking and high-end bars, people are wanting more fitness centers, wellness spas, in-room workout equipment, retreat areas, and healthier food options at restaurants and cafes. Catering to the health-conscious is catering to the larger population of your guests, and after all, that’s what hospitality is all about. 

There’s millions and millions of hotels in today’s hospitality industry. How are you going to make yours stand apart from the rest? The most imaginative and unique hotel interior designs are often the most successful. People are drawn to the striking and innovative, as today’s hotels are becoming a destination all in themselves. Find a distinct theme and integrate it in every aspect of your hotel. It’s all about how many times you can make your guests stand in awe at your detail-oriented interior design decision. Be bold- it will make your hospitality design one to remember. 


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