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University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy - Keller Center

The original building was designed like a temple to rest on a 5-foot-tall plinth encircling the building that was not accessible or inviting. The massive plinth was deconstructed by the design team with new entries to align visitors with the perspective of a marching colonnade and floating canopy. Landscaping slopes up the plinth with a variety of native species to soften the tall limestone wall. On top of the terrace, the original decorative tracery in the concrete surface was restored and reduced by 50% purposely to convert impervious concrete surfaces into gardens, green roofs, and gathering spaces with public art that is culturally rich and engages the people in the community. Water is celebrated with a custom zinc overflow scupper from the rainwater cistern that is channeled through rain gardens which hold and slowly release stormwater. Photo Courtesy of Farr Associates
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