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Count Basie Center for the Arts, Red Bank, NJ

Presenting a new public space within this connected premier center for the cultural arts, I was so moved by their history and wanted to create a throwback feeling while incorporating rustic with modern design elements. In the lobby, the Crossfuse® Wood Panels were installed on the bar front and columns where the old world pattern appears contemporary installed in this innovative way and makes for a fun place to be before the show, intermission and even private parties! In The Vogel lobby the enormous wall and tiered theatre could have presented a challenge. By introducing several unique ASI materials throughout I was able to meld the aesthetics A round mixed cooper and silver metal pattern from The Venue – Bembe + Composition Cork in a custom brick design juxtaposed with Reclaimed Barn Wood Planks (above) + the custom metallic painted cooper dots from the Sculptured Collection carried through on the mezzanine level delivered exactly what the theatre was looking for!
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