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Count Basie Center for the Arts, Red Bank, NJ

"Presenting a new public space within this connected premier center for the cultural arts, I was so moved by their history and wanted to create a throwback feeling while incorporating rustic with modern design elements. In the lobby, the Crossfuse® Wood Panels were installed on the bar front and columns where the old world pattern appears contemporary installed in this innovative way and makes for a fun place to be before the show, intermission and even private parties! In The Vogel lobby the enormous wall and tiered theatre could have presented a challenge. By introducing several unique ASI materials throughout I was able to meld the aesthetics A round mixed cooper and silver metal pattern from The Venue – Bembe + Composition Cork in a custom brick design juxtaposed with Reclaimed Barn Wood Planks (above) + the custom metallic painted cooper dots from the Sculptured Collection carried through on the mezzanine level delivered exactly what the theatre was looking for!" "We are so proud of this project. Working with ASI we were able to select finishes that elevate the space beyond our imagination! I am happy to collaborate with them every time I want unusual and exceptional finishes. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable and helpful I find the product offering evolved and always updated, allowing me to realize my vision successfully." Mindy Silberstein, M. Silberstein Interior Design 
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