At InUnison Design, we create spaces that tell stories. Detailed stories about what is important to you. Colorful stories about the places you’ve been and the memories and treasures you’ve collected along the way. Stories as fascinating as your life and your work.

Most of all, we create spaces that function at the highest level of beauty, comfort and efficiency. But, as much as we’d all love to skip the many steps that it takes to get to a fabulous finished product, life doesn’t work that way. That’s why we’ve developed a detailed, step-by-step collaborative approach that enables everyone on your team—architects, builders, contractors and craftspeople—to work together as smoothly, efficiently and joyfully as possible.

By maximizing your budget wherever possible and minimizing disruption to your life, InUnison Design makes it easy for you to relax and truly enjoy the process of redesigning, renovating or building a space that truly tells your story.

275 Market St., #270, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Provides services Nationwide

Services Offered:

Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Project Management and Implementation, Interior Design, Procurement

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Industries Served:

Arts + Culture, Bars + Restaurants, Corporate + Office, Education, Energy + Sustainability, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Housing, Mixed-Use, Retail, Senior Living, Wellness