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Twitter offices - Boulder

Stantec's design for Twitter's offices in Boulder, Colorado is a thoughtful reflection of the area's railroad heritage. The design concept draws inspiration from the nearby railroad tracks, and this theme is intricately woven throughout the space. 

Each floor in the office has its own unique theme, balancing unique design styles and workstyles to support the employees within. The first floor, or “the Receiving Yard” is perfect for social interactions, collaboration, and meetings, creating a warm and inviting space for informal connection. The second and third floors, or “The Classification Yards” were designed for a variety of work styles, using color zoning to define different work areas and promote flexibility. Finally, the fourth floor, or “The Depot,” is a space more for well-being and relaxation, offering spaces for small touchdown conversations, inspiration, and focused productivity. 

The design overall encourages a flexible and dynamic approach to workplace culture. Stantec's design successfully captures the essence of the railroad history in Boulder while creating a dynamic and engaging workspace that reflects Twitter's distinctive approach to office design.

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