Safti First UC Merced Interior Doorway SuperLite® II-XL 120 in GPX® Architectural Series Fire Resistive Framing | SAFTI FIRST


UC Merced

Sustainably was one of the main priorities for the building team. This project was designed to be “Triple Zero” – zero net energy, zero landfill waste, and zero net greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the first public research university in the U.S. to achieve carbon neutrality.

To help achieve this goal, the exterior fire resistive glazing systems included high performance energy efficient glazing to bring vision, daylighting and a connection to the outdoors while maintaining occupant comfort. The transparency that the interior fire resistive glazing systems extended natural light into the building, promoted shared artificial lighting between spaces, as well as promote wayfinding. Last but not least, having all the fire rated glass and framing systems manufactured within 10 miles of the job site helped in reducing impacts from transportation emissions and fuel costs.


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