Safti First UC Merced Interior Corridor SuperLite® II-XL 120 in GPX® Architectural Series Fire Resistive Framing | SAFTI FIRST


UC Merced

The sheer size and scope of this project – with multiple buildings, architects and glazing contractors – meant that coordination was of utmost importance. Paolo Mercado, SAFTI FIRST®’s Project Manager, worked with all the players involved to ensure that our delivery is on time and within budget.


SAFTI FIRST® was part of all three phases of the project, supplying interior and exterior 1 and 2 hour fire resistive, ASTM E-119 rated walls using SuperLite II-XL in GPX Architectural Series Framing, as well as 60-90 minute full vision GPX Builders Series Temperature Rise Doors to 8 buildings:

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