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Chesapeake Bay Brock Environmental Center

The iconic curved elements of the Brock Center’s westernmost form were a response to the pedestrian approach to the Center. Since no cars park on the site, both staff and visitors approach the Center from the northwest. As a result, the Center’s westernmost portion is highly prominent – an opportunity to engage those who arrive and to excite them to see more, providing a threshold to the exquisite landscape beyond. The design for this frontispiece sought to create something iconic, beautiful, and to capture the spirit of CBF and the site. Prominent, curving roofs recall forms of the site’s windswept live oaks, the wings of a gull (CBF’s logo), and the protective shell of an oyster. The zinc shingles that clad the composition recall fish scales adding texture and interest. Their subtle reflectivity catch the light, shimmering like the Bay itself. Photo: Courtesy of Dave Chance
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