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Chesapeake Bay Brock Environmental Center

The occupants enjoy the clean air, daylighting, and a deep connection with nature provided by the sweeping view of the marsh and river. The users get fresh air and a bit of exercise walking to and from their cars, which are parked offsite. A charrette early in the design phase included a biomimicry brainstorm session, resulting in many biophilic elements to the design. The massing of the building is long and narrow, following the curve of the beach. The thin section allows ample opportunities for daylighting and natural ventilation. For a true connection to the outdoors, the center includes not only great views but also numerous opportunities for occupants to actually get outside. The decks are overflow space, easily accessible for breaks. The dog trot functions as a break room or eating space immediately adjacent to the kitchen/lunchroom. The education pavilion is an actual outdoor space so that students are totally immersed in the outdoors and can feel their feet touching the earth, while they are also sheltered from sun and rain. Photo: Courtesy of Dave Chance
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