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Uvio Story Video

Uvio is a patent-pending UVC Germicidal Disinfection Lamp that mounts tool-lessly to the top of any computer monitor. The UVC light shines for 2 hours/night over a 4’ x 2’ desktop area to completely disinfect the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of shared workstations nightly, so they are virus-free and completely sanitized for the next day’s use. The UVC light is activated for 2-hours/night, which kills 99.9% of any harmful microorganisms, including Coronavirus, that can be left on the desktop by an infected employee. According to the CDC and numerous research, any infected employee can cough/exhale and release droplets of infected fluid on surfaces, which can live and infect others for 3-days or longer. Because UVC light may be harmful, Dual Safety features, (a heat and motion sensor) immediately shut Uvio down to prevent any possible direct exposure to the UVC light. The UVC lights are controlled through a Wi-Fi app, downloaded to any phone, which activates all Uvio lights in the organization. Uvio and Direct UVC Disinfection helps prevent the spread of virus to employees and provides them with the protection, comfort, and peace of mind they need to return to the office safely in the pandemic age. zgotechnologies.com
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