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Notch is an innovative, high-performance, recessed LED luminaire for the general lighting of commercial, institutional, retail and civic spaces. A true ‘slot’ product that creates a luminous slot in the ceiling instead of the standard Stripe, Notch reinvents the category by extruding the recessed slot to the face of the vertical drywall with the revolutionary Dado end option. Notch delivers exceptional performance with the integration of Fluxwerx Anidolic Extraction optics to provide precisely controlled optical distributions with no view of the LED point source – up to 12’ o.c. spacing delivering 35 fc @ 0.33 W/ft2. Notch is available in continuous runs or standalone fixtures. Run lengths in 1ft increments in drywall and 2ft increments in t-bar ceilings (on-grid). Standalone fixtures are 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, or 8ft and as a 2ft x 2ft L-shaped standalone corner. Symmetric and asymmetric area distributions and vertical surfaces illumination (VSI) distributions in both symmetric and asymmetric for library stacks and retail shelving Available in various open and closed patterns in all distributions for drywall or grid ceilings. Notch is available in a variety of drywall options with extruded aluminum trim designs for trim, trimless and two unique mud-in drop trim options for precise fit and finish. Grid ceiling options include 15/16’, 9/16’ flat-T, 9/16’ tegular as well as compatibility with 4” Armstrong® Techzone® or 4” USG® Logix ceiling systems.
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