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Lumen Detroit

Flexible, large opening glass wall design allows Lumen Detroit to continue operations in the face of lockdowns while maintaining customer loyalty and revenue.

Opening glass walls not only meet health requirements but make customers feel safe; expanded air flow and maximized floor space provide a way forward in post-COVID restaurant design.

The design choices that allowed Lumen Detroit to thrive and revitalize a faded downtown neighborhood, allowed the restaurant to stay open during much of the COVID-19 crisis. From its conception, the mission of the building was to be a part of a great public space, to be an architectural icon in the City and to encourage patrons to engage the surrounding area. Instrumental to achieving that goal was the ability to connect the building seamlessly to the park, and neighborhood that encompasses it, by opening the walls, a dramatic effect accomplished by two extensive NanaWall sliding glass wall systems. This choice has since proved to be prescient during the Covid-19 crisis.

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