Historic Hotel Exterior QuietRock sound-reducing drywall Citizen Hotel Sacramento CA

Citizen Hotel - Sacramento CA
Admire the gorgeous historic architectural exterior at the Citizen Hotel. The rooms are cozy and quiet because they have QuietRock's sound-reducing drywall. QuietRock used three different products to make sure the hotel doesn't have noises transferring between rooms. QuietSeal Pro: QuietSeal® Pro is a high performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant used to maintain optimum acoustic performance of the Quiet® Sound Damping System. QuietSeal® Pro stays soft to prevent cracking and reduce sound transmission. Apply QuietSeal®Pro around perimeters of the walls to prevent noise leaks in your assembly. It’s easy to use and offers a hassle free clean up – just use soap and water. Choose QuietSeal® Pro for quick application, maximum performance, and reliable results when used as part of the Quiet® Sound Damping System. QuietRock 545: Multi-layer gypsum panel engineered to provide maximum sound attenuation across a broad frequency range. QuietRock 545 can be used in virtually any application and ideal for projects requiring high STC performance at low frequencies. QuietRock 545 is recommended for commercial theaters, studios, and sound rooms. QuietPutty: QuietPutty® is Class-A fire-resistant acoustical putty designed to preserve the performance of STC rated assemblies. Use QuietPutty on electrical outlet boxes, rocker switches, HVAC ducts, water hookups, cable systems or any other penetration that require an acoustic seal. QuietPutty is clean, easy to use and requires no tools to apply. QuietPutty will not shrink and remains soft over time, ensuring a long-term seal that maximizes STC performance. Use QuietPutty with QuietRock sound reducing drywall and QuietSeal Pro acoustic caulk - the complete Quiet® Sound Damping System - for reliable, low cost results.
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