Gage Brothers TCF Bank Stadium Minneapolis Minnesota Exterior Side Wall

TCF Bank Stadium
“It was my great pleasure to work with Gage Brothers. The University of Minnesota benefited by the use of Gage Brothers’ precast concrete in the construction of TCF Bank Stadium. Our original design plan called for hand-laid brick, an arduous project which contractors estimated would require 100 masons on-site for 13 to 14 months. After a discussion with our construction and architectural firms, the decision was made to use precast for the close to 100 colonnade columns that circle the stadium as well as for several other stadium components. Gage Brothers was very responsive to our project needs by offering a great range of color options and very attentive service. The panels were installed in 10 months and with just 15% of the workforce that would have been needed for hand-laid brick. Mortenson Construction estimated that we saved $3.2 million dollars and shaved five months off the project schedule by utilizing precast concrete. From the helpful discussions, insights and expert consultation you provided us in the planning stages through the final clean up, you provided excellent service.” - Derek Hillestad, former Director of Operations, TCF Bank Stadium
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