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Media Plaza 2.0
Designed by Martin Ballendat, Dauphin’s Perillo, an ultra-modern chair, sophisticated in design with a simple sculpted appearance was specified for Media Plaza 2.0, after 200 people from all over the world were asked to give their opinion and unanimously agreed that Perillo is an attractive and comfortable chair. Architect Liong Lie and his team from 123DV architecture worked closely with Dauphin to develop a customized color palette that resulted in an irresistibly cheerful, dynamic atmosphere that is a bold and highly emotional design for a theatre auditorium. With fresh powerful l colors such as yellow, lemon, rose, pink, purple, light blue, or dark blue on the outside and inside a soft seat cushion in white leather, a special feature developed by the architect and Dauphin, Perillo enhanced the design of the larger room by morphing into “cheery butterflies” that exude an extraordinary radiance of color.
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