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The best way to have the most focused and productive employees is to cater to them first. In an overwhelmingly remote world, office designs should be focused on not only the workability of a space, but creating a place of community and comfortability. Common spaces to share and gather remind employees of the shared values and goals they hold with their colleagues. Designers are reimagining the sterile-like, cubicle-filled office interior design ideals to resemble more hospitality design elements. Fireplaces, game rooms, restaurants and beer fridges, fitness centers, and in-house showers and spas are providing employees with places to work and play- it’s best of both worlds. 

Sitting at a desk all day, everyday is just not the ideal in the modern working world. It’s not productive for the employee, therefore not productive for the company. That’s why having an array of seating options in your next workplace design is essential. Laid-back lounges to collaborate and connect with colleagues, standing desks to stretch the legs, quiet and secluded rooms for focus, and even “privacy pods” for the highest level of concentration. The more variety the better. 

The modern office design is shifting to make employees feel more comfortable, inspired, and at ease when walking through the front doors each morning. Combining residential and commercial elements in an office interior design does just that. Evoking a sense of familiarity is sure to spark creativity and productivity. Consider homelike details and amenities like comfortable furniture, furnished kitchens, throw pillows and blankets, area rugs, and potted greenery. Featuring natural and organic textures can really drive home the concept of ever-rising resimercial design trend. 

Multi-purpose workplace designs are becoming the new normal. Having the ability to almost instantly change the office design to quickly fit an employees needs saves time and money on constructing otherwise needed rooms. Lightweight furniture, mulit-functional technology, adjustable lighting and moveable walls allow employees to transform the space in an instant. This ergonomic design trend is here to stay- it just makes too much sense not to. 

The once rustic and conventional design element is back and better than ever- now adding an organic and authentic feel to your corporate office design. When using sustainably-sourced woodwork, it can also be a public display of being environmentally conscious as a company. The biomorphic patterns of the natural knots and grain of the wood help to create a focal point of a space, catching the eye of employees and guests. Wood can also be utilized to bring attention to certain architectural features and create an illusion of depth in a room. Walls, floors, countertops, accents, and furniture can all be made better in your next office interior design with this natural design feature. 


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