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Congdon Yards

Overview of the project and space
Designed by Barbour Spangle in partnership with the Congdon Family Foundation, Congdon Yards was crafted as a central gathering place for High Point, North Carolina. Inside, you'll find a variety of furniture styles from the many manufacturers that call High Point home. This fosters a collected, cozy feel, enticing people to come and connect with others from the community. Special shoutout to: Christi Barbour of Barbour Spangle, Rachel Moss of Business High Point Chamber of Commerce, and Louis Cherry Architects for their hard work and insight on this beautiful project. Read the full story of Congdon Yards here: Discover LeanTo, an essential product within the space, designed as a shelter from the hustle and bustle of the day:

What was the design vision and why? 

Barbour Spangle envisioned a space that could represent High Point well by incorporating furniture from the many different furniture manufacturers that call High Point home. Together, the team imagined that the pieces would create an eclectic feel, feeling like a collection that had been curated over time, and cozy enough to feel like someone’s living room. 

In fact, that’s what the Congdon family imagined, that the Commons at Congdon Yards would in fact be High Point’s living room. The collection of furniture along with a variety of art, beautiful windows, and tasteful architecture, was designed to feel like a destination where community members would want to come to work, connect, and restore.

What problem was the design team trying to solve? 

While High Point has historically been known for their vibrant local culture, they had no centralized place to gather and build community. Congdon Yards, a thoughtfully designed space for the people of High Point, is an answer to this gap, providing a versatile environment to meet a variety of needs. 

The Congdon family made a large financial contribution to begin the project, supporting economic development and community building for their hometown. Since opening, Congdon Yards has dramatically impacted the community. Every single office space in Congdon Yards has been rented, and locals flock to the Commons every day as a space to connect and work together.

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