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OFS Corporate Headquarters

Built in 2005, OFS headquarters in Huntingburg, Indiana was created with wellness in mind from the start. The building, located on a hill overlooking the rolling hills and forests of Southern Indiana, was designed to connect employees with the gorgeous natural landscape. With large, floor-to-ceiling windows, a centralized café for access to healthy food, an in-house gym, and an outdoor walking trail, this space was made to empower employees.

Leadership and designers sought to create a home away from home for employees. As our CEO, Hank Menke, says, employees spend 8+ hours a day in this office, it should be a space where they can thrive. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so the OFS team decided to craft a corporate café at the heart of the building, a centralized place for employees to share healthy food, connect with one another, and inspire a positive culture. 

As for design elements, OFS values homeful, natural accents that make a user feel comfortable and connected to nature. Spot this through the natural woven materials, a variety of textures, and extensive biophilia throughout the space.

OFS was expanding and needed a centralized space for their employees to work and connect. The space was designed to meet the human needs of the people within—to inspire and connect others. OFS decided to update the space to specifically meet the WELL Building Institute’s guidelines of crafting places for human well-being. 

From air quality to lighting, OFS made many alterations to the space to finally achieve WELL Platinum.“What you make people feel is as important as what you make.” This quote by CEO, Hank Menke has served as a people-centered foundation for the company. Therefore, the space needed to reflect that same human approach to space design. Elements of homefulness, company history, and biophilia all emulate this quote in a physical building.

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