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American Indian Hall at Montana State University

The new American Indian Hall at Montana State University represents a place of honor, recognition, restoration, and education on the university’s campus. Crafted in partnership with the vision of alumni Dennis Sun Rhodes and Jim Dolan, this new hall serves as a home for native students as well as office and educational space for the Department of Native American Studies.

Montana State University hosts over 800 Native American students, so this space, complete with a communal kitchen, drum room, classrooms, offices, Native art gallery, and a student commons provide space for students to study, connect, and build community. The hall also serves as a bridge between American Indians and other cultures on campus by welcoming visitors to explore art, find knowledge, explore gardens, interact with Indigenous wisdom, and more.

Shoutout to everyone who made this incredibly inspiring project possible, but especially Dennis Sun Rhodes, Jim Dolan, and local tribal elders, who guided the authentic design.

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