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Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications is a global telecommunications company previously headquartered in Massachusetts. They hoped to move their headquarters to the Dallas Fort Worth area, consolidating several offices in the area to centralize and unify the company. 

They partnered with CBRE, IA Interior Architects, II Spaces, Scott + Reid Contractors, and more to solidify a lease at Legacy Central in Plano, TX. The 107,000 square foot space was designed to support sales, marketing, research and development, customer service, administration and more all under one roof. 

Ribbon Communications had recently gone through a rebrand, changing their name from ____ in 2017. They wanted a new space to reflect their unified brand identity, so II Spaces integrated a purple "ribbon" that weaves through the entire space. They also wanted to invest in a space that could support their people as needs evolved. To do this, they included a mix of benching, soft architecture, and open plan to create a variety of workspaces. 

The company hoped to consolidate and unify their company. Previously, their research and development teams were spread out across several offices, separated from the rest of their departments. The new office was designed with a centralize research and development area, making it easier for R+D to collaborate with sales, marketing, customer service, and administrative teams. 

The location itself, just north of Dallas Fort Worth, is conveniently located in the center of the US, making it an ideal location to host visitors or partners. 

Ribbon Communications is dedicated to helping their customers modernize their networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes. Their solutions portfolio focuses on innovation, scale, performance, and agility. They wanted their office to reflect their commitment to innovation in order to attract talent and inspire confidnece in their customers and partners. 

This new global headquarters demonstrates their passion for their people and for adaptability into the future. The office has successfully unified and inspired their team and others to join the Ribbon Communications staff.

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